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Malaysia, “Truly Asia” is one of the dream destinations to a lot of travelers but it is not an exaggeration if we say that student life would be a golden one when you decide on this pace for your higher studies. Malaysia, otherwise known as a touristy spot is one of the places which give high prominence towards education and literacy.

The country has successfully attracted a lot of students with some of the world class universities and state-of-the-art education and infrastructure. Well, unlike any other country in the world, Malaysia does not have a mundane education system and as a student, there are a lot of options to break the monotony and feel refreshed.

Let us quickly find out the benefits of being a student in Malaysia and what are some of the things that you should remember while you are here as a student.

High standards of education system

Malaysia has some of the world class universities and they follow the international standard of teaching style and this helps students in a lot of ways.


Malaysian universities have strong collaborations with the well-known universities in Australia, USA, Canada, France and other reputed places. Hence, getting a certificate from these campuses by studying in Malaysia is pretty easy. Additionally, there also are twinning programs which involve students receiving international degrees from their branches campuses in Malaysia.

Wonderful Lifestyle

Malaysia is known for its manmade structures and the lifestyle here is unmatchable elsewhere. Being a religion tolerant country, Malaysia offers a first class working environment to every student.

Affordable stay

The cost that is incurred on studying is quite affordable when you study here and you may not have to shell out a lot of money when compared to the other countries.

Well, these are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed in Malaysia as a student.

When you are a student and especially when you are away from your homes, it becomes natural to yearn for some recreation in terms of exploring the travel destinations and also finding out some food joints.

Let’s quickly go ahead and explore some of the best places to visit over a long weekend along with some of your study buddies while you are in Malaysia.

Beautiful Locales

Surrounded by islands and Peninsula, Malaysia has umpteen numbers of beaches where you could simply go and laze around while you are studying in one of the universities in Malaysia. The surprising factor is that most of the western coastline beaches here are either swamps or mangroves unlike the usual sandy beaches that you find anywhere else. Hence, you would be transported to a different world altogether. This is one of the best parts of being in Malaysia.

In contrast to the swamps there are also clear beaches where a lot of people flock to those places and if you are keen on exploring the ancient beaches then Kampung Juara on Tioman Island are the places to visit.

Understand the diverse culture

Malaysia is a home to varied cultures and it has embraced people from different races, sects, beliefs and culture with utmost equality. This is a place which celebrated almost all the festival with equal importance and is an example for peace and tolerance. Studying about the culture would always enrich your experiences and you would have a lot of tales to narrate when you get back to your homeland after your education.

Well, who wouldn’t like to be a part of the country which has so much of tolerance towards all religions? Everyone in this country like the Chinese Jetty in Penang or the Indians in Kuala Lumpur, each one has their own contributions towards making of Malaysia a truly loving land.

Opportunities for Adventure Sports

The Sarawak cave chamber is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites as it is one of the largest caves in Asia and it is also known for having the world’s largest underground river system.  This place is truly for adventure lovers and you could certainly experience it while you are here. Also, do not forget to visit the Gunung Mulu National Park when you are here.

You could afford to do all these things when you are a student, isn’t it?

These are some of the places that you could choose to go when you are in Malaysia; it not only gives you a relaxation but also learning.

Amazing Food Culture

Another thing that a lot of people would want to explore when they are out studying would be some amazing food and Malaysia is known for its authentic style of cooking. Most of the times it is food that attracts each one of us. Of course, when you are a student you would be spending a lot of time away from home but you need not worry about it when you are in Malaysia. When there is proper food to devour on, there is everything else. Well, Malaysia can be known as a Foodies’ country, because of the delicious street food available in Penang. There is a plethora of restaurants here serving delicious Malay, Thai, Chinese and Indian foods.

Well, when you are a student, the lifestyle varies and changes completely because when you are in a new country you always have a scope to explore it as you complete your education.