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An education consultant is a professional who is typically either from the field of academics or is experienced in the field, and uses this experience to provide guidance to students in curriculum development, future professional careers,  and sometimes also about other issues faced by the student in colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. If you have taught in the past or you are interested in learning about careers you can pursue after you have gained teaching experience, it is important to educate yourself on what educational consultants do. With Malaysia having emerged as one of the pioneer education hubs of the 21st century, students from across the world are keen to know more about the universities, colleges and education system of Malaysia. As a result, education consultants in Malaysia have grown in large numbers. However, the disadvantage of having a large number of education consultancy firms in Malaysia often raises the question – “Then who is the best?”

When talking about a overseas education consultants in Malaysia, we must remember to look for certain things, especially because, the country being a comparatively new nerve center of education, a lot of improvisations are being done in terms of newer colleges and universities, courses and infrastructure and in terms of benefits and facilities for international students. Good study abroad consultants would ideally be aware of all these changes and should be able to guide the students and their family in the right direction.

So let’s first understand what you need to look for in overseas education consultants.

Things you need to remember

Overseas education is a costly affair, and the most important thing is that a student’s future depends on where their higher education happens. So, once you have made up your mind to send your child to study in Malaysia, do a thorough due diligence check on good education counsellors in the country.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that it might so happen that the most ‘preferred’ universities won’t necessarily be the ones that suit your child’s needs. So be clear about what your child is looking for and then head for an education consultant company in Malaysia.

What would an education consultant in Malaysia typically do?

Very briefly, an overseas education consultant is someone who not only has a broad knowledge of various career and educational opportunities in that particular country, but is also updated about the different changes and that happen in the education system in the said country. The job of an education consulting services is to give you the best solutions/options after identifying and determining your needs as a student. Which ideally means that a good education consultant company in Malaysia should be able to help you design and customize your overall Graduation, Post-Graduation and PhD career and educational plan, if that is the requirement.

Many overseas education consultants are also accredited (which means they are certified) to provide you with the right solutions. These education counsellors would have undergone a rigorous process with one or more professional associations in the educational industry to get the required certification and a seal of approval from the Ministry of Education to offer proper guidance to students.

What should a good overseas education consultant do for you as an international student?

A good study abroad consultant acts to bridge the gap between you and educational aspirations, often providing the vision that will guide you through the entire process of where you want to go and how you want to get there.

An ideal education consultant company in Malaysia will also help explain the culture differences you can expect, prepping you better for your experience and study in Malaysia.

Since they would have an extensive knowledge about different career and educational opportunities, they can ensure that you make a fully informed decision with respect to your career. They are in a better position to address your expectations and ensure that what you expect is what you get.

The best education consultants in Malaysia can also help you with practical guidance in:

  • saving money, by telling you about bursaries and scholarships
  • cultural exposures and differences, by organizing tours and excursions
  • study in Malaysia preparation, by setting up post-arrival and pre-departure orientations, and documentations etc.
  • the life of an international student by putting together a university study tour etc.

Overseas education consultants also help in emergencies by being your single point of contact in a foreign country in emergencies such as flight cancellations, sickness or similar situations.

Additionally, some education consulting services in Malaysia like MUIC will also educate students on what to do in academic emergencies like:

  • What can you do if you lag behind in your courses?
  • What should you do your enrolment is cancelled for unforeseen circumstances?
  • What procedures you need to follow if an emergency situation compels you to return to your country temporarily?
  • What do you need to check and follow if you have missed a deadline, or ahead of a visa renewal or course intake date?

Good education consultants in Malaysia also help with student visas. Unfortunately, visas if not managed correctly, can lead to significant complications which may threaten the student’s stay in a foreign country. The role of an overseas education consultant in matters of the visa is critical to ensure that your time as an international student is hassle free and doesn’t represent a black mark on your immigration record.

Typically, an educational consultancy firm in Malaysia can:

  • help you understand and meet the criteria for successful grant of a student visa
  • help you understand visa conditions and guide you on how to follow them
  • help you in preparation of visa and university interviews
  • Help you extend your student visa once you are onshore.

Apart from all of the above, an educational consulting company in Malaysia  will act as your friend and your first onshore contact. They can help arrange for your initial accommodation, get you through culture differences, help you with making friends and give you networking opportunities, and give you access to their social circle whenever you need, so you can overcome loneliness.

Best Educational Consultants in Malaysia

  1. Malaysian Universities Information Center (MUIC)

Malaysian Universities Information Center (MUIC) is an initiative founded solely with the intention to help aspiring students and their eager families looking for a reputed college/ educational program in Malaysia. They practically lead every student by a hand-held process where one can virtually go through the entire procedure such as scholarship programs, visa process, documentation, choosing the tight college, familiarizing its curriculum, campus, accommodation and other necessary amenities.  As of today, the MUIC has been a well-functioning body for over a decade and helped more than 4000 students to enroll in different Malaysian universities.

To help ease the process of finding a good educational institute in Malaysia, this education consultant company in Malaysia have been a part of a transformative role in guiding and successful enrolment of thousands of students around the world in reputed Malaysian universities over the years. With their years of experience in counselling countless international students, they have helped more than 5000 students from all over the world enrol in desired colleges, within the right curriculum in the easiest and the most economical way.

Being local to Malaysia, they are closer to all the changes and developments happening in the Malaysian education landscape; and hence, are in a far better position to offer sound guidance to students who want to study in Malaysia. MUIC is also in a better position to get aspiring students scholarships and other funding opportunities from reputed universities because of their long-standing association with these universities.

It is a known fact that international students are usually unfamiliar with the local culture, admission process and the right colleges to begin with. This usually results in overspending absurd amounts of money, time and energy creating an impression that the country lacks educational potential. To steer and navigate through the complex process right from admission and accommodation to understanding the offerings of Malaysian colleges, and as an overseas education consultants in Malaysia, MUIC assists and counsels students looking for educational opportunities in this beautiful and prosperous nation.

Some of the reputed universities that MUIC serves are Cyberjaya, HELP, UKM, UPM, Limkokwing, INTI, MMU and many more. It is a good mix of Public and Private Universities.

  1. Raven Education Consultant Services

Established in 2002, Raven provides free counselling and placing students in the right Universities/Colleges in many countries including Malaysia. They assist you in your study application, accommodation, application for Student Visa, Airport pick-up arrangement and pre-departure briefing. Furthermore, Raven also provides IELTS Registration for students who need to get their English Language certification.

  1. GES Global

As local representatives of schools and colleges in many countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia, GES Global offers Assessment, Application, Visa Assistance and Accommodation services to students who come to them for guidance. They also make travel arrangements for successful students which includes tickets, airport reception etc.

  1. Easy Study Solutions

Easy Study solutions provide assistance to students and helps them to get into those colleges and Universities in Malaysia that would best suit their academic, personal and financial requirements, and will not be limited to the Universities they represent. Some of the universities they cater to are ADMAL Aeronautical College, Perdana University, Cyberjaya etc. Their services include Counselling, Application and documentation, information on scholarships, Post Study Work Study Information , and Advanced Standing Entry Application (2+1).

Final Word

A good education consultants in Malaysia will not only help the students in getting themselves prepared for different formalities ahead or during the entire admission process, but also act as a guiding light through the entire academic course of the student, checking on them frequently and giving all the help they can offer during their study in Malaysia. And an overseas education consultant like MUIC will also touch base with the students during pre-completion of the respective course help them to know and understand what kind of jobs they can do after successful completion of the course, and earn an attractive amount of money, simultaneously with their studies and after the completion of study. So, pick your consultant of choice from the list above and make a decision before it’s too late.

Today all overseas education consultant agencies have started offering various services in addition to providing guidance and overall information related to studying abroad.