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Are there part time jobs in Malaysia for International students? This is a question which often pops up in the minds of the students who want to pursue their higher education in the country. Well, the answer to that is “Yes”. There are umpteen opportunities of part time jobs for foreigners in Malaysia.

As a student, studying abroad could sometimes really mean making a dent in your pockets. Apart from tuition fees and living expenses, there are other foreseen and unforeseen miscellaneous expenses that often comes up, and you are left anxious. In such cases, having part time jobs for students can be a real saving grace. If you have made up your mind to live and study in Malaysia, then you ought to know the general working conditions and eligibility requirements for part time jobs in Malaysia for international students.

For starters, you must remember that the Malaysian Government will not allow you to work in the country before a certain time period of time. So it is advisable that you do not keep this option as your sole source of sustenance. It is best if you treat this opportunity as an add-on income.


Part time jobs, Malaysia – Eligibility

International students are permitted to work in part time jobs if they fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid ‘student pass’.
  • You must file an application seeking approval of part time work.
  • You will only work during festive and semester breaks, or in case you have more than seven days of holiday for a maximum of 20 hours a week.
  • Part time jobs for foreign students in Malaysia include those in petrol kiosks, mini markets, restaurants, and hotels excluding positions such as singer, cashier, musician, masseur, or in Guest Relations positions.
  • You should submit a copy of your passport, proof of address, contact details, and a letter from the prospective employer.
  • You should deposit a non-refundable amount of RM120.

Further on, the application for the part time jobs for International students in Malaysia must be forwarded by the representative of the Educational Institution where you are enrolled, in your presence at the Immigration Department Headquarters in Malaysia. The institution/university should also provide a supporting letter allowing the foreign student to work, with the respective dates for which employment is sought.

The Director General of Immigration has the right to approve or disapprove such application, and his discretion is final. You will be interviewed after the application has been approved. Extensions beyond the stipulated time are usually given to students who are able to maintain a good academic record alongside their part time employment.


Part time jobs, Malaysia – Wages

The wages of part time jobs for international students may vary, but is usually capped at around RM150 per week.


Kinds of part time jobs for International students in Malaysia

There can be different kinds of part time jobs for foreign students in Malaysia, like the ones mentioned below:

Freelance Jobs, Malaysia

One of the easiest way to look for freelance jobs is to create a profile on Favser. Favser is a freelance listing website in Malaysia with various freelance categories like web & app developer, writer, designer, translator, virtual assistants etc. You just need to enlist your skills and people can contact you for assignments. Job site Neuvoo is also a good place to look for part time jobs for foreign students in Malaysia.

Part time jobs, Malaysia – Work from home

There are some companies like Supahands, which offer work-from-home opportunities for people. You can complete assigned tasks and earn some extra bucks without any joining fee. The schedule is usually flexible and there is no limit to how much you can earn. The tasks include data management, content moderation etc.

Weekend part time jobs, Malaysia

There are a host of restaurants and cafes offering part time jobs in Kuala Lumpur for international students. These include profiles of waiters and waitresses. You could also take up some proofreading work if have a decent knowledge of the English language, as some people will be willing to pay decent amount of money for proofreading their dissertations. Some part time jobs for medical students in Malaysia are also available with hospitals and pharmacies. All these different assignments can be taken up as weekend part time jobs for international students in Malaysia.

Part time job in Malaysia – Saturday and Sunday

You may want to look in your university for some part time job options, for instance, the library might be a good place to start a part time job as a librarian for Saturdays and Sundays. Some researchers and professors also look for assistant researchers, and that might be a good opportunity to earn some pocket money while you learn.

The crux of the matter is there are quite a few options for part time jobs for international students in Malaysia. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and not regard any job as beneath you. Once you are able to do that, there is no end to opportunities. also known as Malaysian Universities information center (MUIC) was set up with the sole intention of providing valuable information to those students and aspirants who want to pursue their higher education in Malaysia. We are one of the leading and specialized teams who have been associated with assisting students from across the world to move to Malaysia for higher education for more than a decade now. We have, till now, successfully sent around 5000 students (including medical students) to Malaysia, most of who are now successfully placed in different professional careers.