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If you are someone who is looking for your next significant challenge in your career or want to address a real-world issue in business, then look no further! Doctorate of Business Administration is the course for you. And if you do have some interest in this, you ought to know that you can opt for study DBA in Malaysia for International students. DBA programs in Malaysia are the cheapest in the world, offering some fantastic study and research opportunities coupled with qualified and experienced faculty. And on top of it, the country offers a very low standard of living, which comes in handy for international students who leave their home country to pursue their higher education in a foreign land.

DBA course in Malaysia gives you the opportunity to the most advanced skills and techniques for managing and leading a business. You will also have an in-depth understanding to do a research in any field of business, depending on your specialty. Employers and companies are also now more and more keen on selecting a DBA graduate instead of an MBA, because of the more advanced skillset and knowledge a degree in Doctor of Business Administration gives you. Since it’s a Doctoral degree, the DBA coursework is quite extensive, rigorous and there is high expectation from the students to perform better, which employers appreciate when they hire you for a senior position in their organization.

Also, when you study DBA in Malaysia, you get much more from the place than education. The country is developing very fast, with ample opportunities for you to learn and develop and identify an area of research. And since your research will be based on sound scientific methods, you will be in a better position to make a contribution to managerial knowledge. The universities here offer the cheapest DBA in Malaysia as compared to the rest of the world.

Study DBA in Malaysia for International students

Malaysia is one of the emerging economies of South-East Asia and is also been seen as a newly industrialized country. As per the predictions of The Asian Development Bank, strong economic growth for Malaysia in the coming years. The country is also  one of the emerging Higher Education hubs in the region with a host of publicly-funded universities, private institutions and branches of overseas universities, all part of a rich and varied educational landscape.

As part of the country’s ambition to become a center for excellence in higher education and in its drive to attract more and more bright international brains, there are ample extra-ordinary  opportunities to  study in Malaysia for international students. The Malaysian higher education has also come up with a strong internationalization programme and characterized by an openness to international students.

English is the medium of instruction in almost all of these universities and when it comes to Doctor of Business Administration, Malaysia has some of the finest teaching and research faculties across  some of the best universities for DBA in Malaysia.

Universities offering DBA in Malaysia for International Students

The different universities in Malaysia offer a selection of full-time and part time Doctor of Business Administration for international students. Some of the best universities offering DBA to international students in Malaysia are as under:


University Course Structure Entry Requirements Tuition Fee Intake
HELP University Phase 1: 10 Units

Case and Research Methodology A

Case and Research Methodology B

Emerging Issues in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

Emerging Issues in Economics

Issues in Optimizing Operations Management

Emerging Issues in Marketing Management and Research

Managing Risks and Issues in International Environment

Emerging Issues in Financial Decision Making

Strategic Opportunities and Decision Making

Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance and Accountability.

Phase 2: Dissertation

Minimum Word Count is 40,000

Course Duration: 3.5 years

1. Master degree in business or management or related or professional disciplines from a recognized University with adequate relevant experience in business and industry.

2. Required English proficiency


RM 50,000 April and October
SEGI University Year 1:

Management Theory & Policies

Organizational Behavior

Strategic HRM & Leadership

Advance Practices in Strategic Marketing Management

International Business and Globalization

Advance Financial Management

Year 2:

Public Sector Management: Policy & Social Relations

Incentives and Monitoring in Accounting

Strategic Change and Quality Management

Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting &

Corporate Disclosures Research Methodology 1

Research Methodology II Research Proposal

Year 3:

DBA Thesis

1. MBA or equivalent from an approved university

2. 5 years’ full time management or professional equivalent work experience which is acceptable by the Graduate School of Business (GSB); and

3. Submit a proposed research topic in an area acceptable to GSB

4. Sound command over English

5. IELTS overall score of minimum 6.5 & written test of minimum 6.5

6. detailed CV outlining  managerial/executive or teaching/ research experience.

RM 64,862 February / April / June / August / October / December
UCSI Year 1 (Tri Semester)

Understanding and Appreciating Research

Research Methodology

Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation

Year 2 (Tri Semester)

Leadership and Organizational Change

Global Management and Business Issues

Global Corporate Strategy

Organizational Behavior

Year 3 (Tri Semester)

Postgraduate Colloquium

DBA Thesis

Course Duration: Minimum 3 years

1. IELTS Band 6.0 or;

competency of B2 on the CEFR or;

TOEFL: a minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or a minimum score of 79 minimum of 17 in each four components (internet-based) or;

degrees with proof of English Language as the medium of instruction.

RM 63,000 January, May and September
MMU (Cyberjaya) Advanced Accounting

Case Methodology

Advanced Quantitative Techniques

Advanced Marketing

Management Consultancy

Advanced Strategy

Advanced Management

Industrial Relations (IR) For Senior Managers

Managing IT and Multimedia

Advanced Human Resource Management

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Advanced Economics

Advanced Corporate Finance

Research Methodology

1. Master Degree from a recognized University with CGPA 3.3 and above

2. Proof of at least two years of relevant working or industrial experiences after post graduation, or

any other academic qualification equivalent to (1) or as approved by the Senate.

4. TOEFL Paper-Based 580 (Computer Based 237; Internet Based 92); or

IELTS overall band score of 6.5; or

A credit in 1119 English Examination; or

* Min. score of 580 in the MMU English Language Proficiency Test; or

MUET overall band score of 4; or

Other qualification which is of equivalent level as decided by the Senate of the University.

RM 61,500 March, June and October
City University Core Subjects

·         Corporate Governance and Social


·         Advanced Business Research Method

·         Seminar in Innovation and


·         Advanced Business Research Method

·         Seminar on Advanced Marketing


·         Organizational Change and Process

·         Seminar on Strategic Human

Resources Management

·         Seminar in Advance Financial


·         Seminar in International Accounting

·         Seminar on Global Business Strategy

and Policy


·         Idea Paper

·         Preliminary Literature Review

·         Research Proposal

·         Proposal Defense

·         Data Collection

·         Data Analysis

·         Draft, Defense and Amended Final

·         Dissertation

1. An MBA from a recognized university/any other Master qualification approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

2. Minimum of 2 years of work experience at a supervisory/executive or managerial level.

3. Good command over English language – both written and spoken.



Study DBA in Malaysia – What next?

The careers you can pursue after you study in Malaysia and after a DBA program in Malaysia are numerous, and some of them are:

  • Management Analyst
  • C- Level Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Professor or Academician
  • Economist etc.

When you study DBA in Malaysia, it gives you the opportunity to explore different kinds of emerging businesses and fine-tune your knowledge according to that. You also are in a better position to formulate and execute policies and solutions for big corporate houses because you already have the knowledge to do that, and change the course of businesses. also known as Malaysian Universities information center (MUIC) was set up with the sole intention of providing valuable information to those students and aspirants who want to pursue their higher education in Malaysia. We are one of the leading and specialized teams who have been associated with assisting students from across the world to move to Malaysia for higher education for more than a decade now. We have, till now, successfully sent around 5000 students (including medical students) to Malaysia, most of who are now successfully placed in different professional careers.