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Irrespective of whether you are still a student, are about to graduate, or have just graduated, one thing you cannot deny that has always remained at the back of your mind throughout the last 3-4 years of education is how soon or how easily will you be able to get into a job after your graduation. As educational counsellors, we know every student strives for the highest paying jobs while they study in Malaysia. And why not? Malaysia does offer its students the kind of education which can going forward help them grab the highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

We have thus compiled a list of top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia, which would also include jobs in Malaysia for foreigners, and some highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in Malaysia.

1. Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia – Civil Engineers

Malaysia is a progressive nation. The country’s chic buildings, vibrant malls, elegant mosques, and clean roads make it a better place to live. Thanks to well-qualified civil engineers in Malaysia who work smartly and efficiently in introducing innovation in every step of the way. There is a huge demand for civil engineers in Malaysia and it is also considered as one of the highest paying jobs in Malaysia, with a remuneration ranging somewhere between RM 4,000 to 6,000 and more, depending on the project one gets.

Fresh graduates can venture into this area and make a good living from it. Likewise, if you are determined to join the workforce as a civil engineer in Malaysia, then be prepared to stay outdoors most of the time and guiding construction work. It is expected that between the year 2018 and 2022, the civil engineering industry will continue to grow rapidly with the active and continuous support from Malaysia’s government.

Educational Qualification: a graduate or post graduate degree in civil engineering from a reputed university in Malaysia. Students who have a PhD in civil engineering are bound to join the research and development team of a company and contribute ideas to this civil engineering projects alike.

2. Physicians or Doctors

For fresh medical graduates, there is some good news! As per a report by Frost & Sullivan in March 2018, Malaysia’s total healthcare industry will double its profit as much as RM 80 billion by the end of 2020.

Doctors and medical experts are second in demand in Malaysia. The growing health concerns among citizens and the inflow of patients from other countries for medical treatment in Malaysia’s hospitals are some of the factors contributing to the increasing demand in this profession. Moreover, the constant requirement for research and development in medical technology has driven the country to introduce advanced medical courses in Malaysian universities.

As a medical graduate, you can easily apply for an apprentice program and then get absorbed as a medical professional in a hospital in Malaysia. Students in their last year of MBBS or currently pursuing their Masters of Surgery (MS) can also apply for an apprenticeship program at a hospital. A doctor in Malaysia is paid around RM 3,500 to 6,000 and more depending on the level of experience in the profession.

Educational Qualifications:  It is a must to have an MBBS, BDS or an MS from recognized Malaysian medical schools. Medical related jobs in Malaysia for foreigners require them to have an MBBS degree from a government-approved medical university from their country of origin. Similarly, the Malaysian Medical Council for Foreign Medicos requires foreign medical practitioners to have a license from a foreign regulatory body.

3. Software and Computer Engineers

Needless to say, Malaysia has grown tremendously over the years in terms of contributing to the development of artificial intelligence (AI), software programming, and robotics. Malaysia has indeed moved towards a highly sophisticated digital epoch where opportunities for e-commerce and trade are aplenty.

A need to interact and transact with customers and creating a business presence online requires students to have expertise in areas related to information and technology, data coding, website developers, programming languages, ethical hacking and backend support.

A software professional in Malaysia gets a remuneration of around RM 4,700 to 6,500. Experienced professionals also get opportunities to travel across the globe to deliver software services.

Educational Qualifications: a degree in Information Technology and Computers Science can land you basic jobs. Likewise, a post-graduate degree in computers, engineering in IT and PhD can land you competitive jobs in this domain. You can start off as an intern after passing out from college and then work your way up to getting absorbed by the firm.

4. Chartered Accountants and Finance Professionals

Number crunching is not everybody’s cup of tea. Students with a knack to deal with numbers, finances, balances sheets, profit and loss accounts, trade sheets, and bank reconciliation are suitable for this profession.

Graduates who are looking forward to building their career in accounting and banking are in luck! The demand for qualified finance professionals is increasing at a rapid pace and will continue to increase in the next 5 to 6 years. According to Malaysia’s salary trend 2018, the finance industry in Malaysia is expected to see a rise in the salary by 20 per cent in the coming months and years.

As a financial professional, you can expect a salary ranging from RM 3,500 to 6,500. For Chartered Accountants, salary might vary due to their professional status in the finance industry.

Educational Qualifications:  If you want to pursue a career in finance, you will need a degree in finance or an MBA or MS in Finance. For Chartered Accountants, you will need to have a degree in Chartered Accountancy recognized from Malaysian Institute of Accountant. An MA/MS in Economics and Statistics are also eligible to apply in the finance industry in Malaysia.

5. Management Consultants or Business Analysts

It is literally impossible to run an organization without good management. Hence, the need for management professionals is never out of demand. Be it the manufacturing industry, Information and Technology, medical industry or any service sector, management professionals are required almost everywhere.

As per a report by Robert Walters 2018 titled Salary Survey Guide, employees qualified as management professionals (sales and marketing) belonging to different domains such as business-to-business or business-to-customer stay in high demand in the industry. Hence, as a fresh graduate, you will always find plenty of managerial job vacancy in Malaysia.

Moreover, it is forecasted that the coming years will witness a salary hike between 15 to 20 per cent due to the rapid growth in the Malaysian economy. As a management trainee and professional, you will be earning around RM 2,500 to 5,000.

Educational Qualifications: To work as a management trainee or professional, you will need to have a degree in business management or administration. Preferably an MBA in Finance, Marketing and Human Resources bag the highest paying jobs in Malaysia in the industry.

6. Communication Specialists and Editors

This is the most versatile of all professions. As a communication specialist and an editor, you can work in almost any industry of your choice. This is because communication is the need of the day and every industry requires a communication specialist to inform and educate stakeholders, customers and public about the business, products, services and its corporate social responsibility.

As communication specialists, you can work as an in-house writer, content strategist, content marketer, and corporate communicator. Besides, you will also get opportunities to work on delivering content for websites, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing activities. The remuneration for this profession ranges somewhere between RM 2,500 to 4,000.

Apart from corporate houses, students can also opt to work in news productions, broadcast news, video production, radio stations, and newspapers.

Fresh graduates who are keen to pursue this career can certainly be valuable in linking businesses to their target market and creating significant connections with other business entities and customers.

This profession is also categorized under part-time work from home Malaysia due to its flexible and versatile nature. You can pursue content writing as a part-time job and earn some extra cash to pay your bills and rent.

Educational Qualifications: Ideally, you will need to have a degree in journalism, mass communication, or English literature. A post graduate in mass communication and English is highly eligible for this profession. Besides, engineers and management professionals are equally eligible to apply as communication specialists provided they are good with language, writing style and creativity.

7.Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia – Education Consultant

The education sector in Malaysia is booming with new and advanced courses being introduced in colleges and schools. If you opt for being an education consultant, you will in charge of developing a curriculum for schools and colleges, career planning and counselling for students.

Although this profession looks easy, in reality, you must work extremely hard to excel in your task as the future of a student is at stake if you by any means offered the wrong advice. To be a reliable and efficient education consultant, you need to build on your knowledge of current trends in education, institutions, psychology, and teaching methodology.

If you are opting education consultant as a career, you will get a salary of around RM 2,500 to 5,000 depending on which level of education you are catering to.

Educational Qualifications:  To be a good education consultant, you will need a degree in psychology or business management. Students who have just completed their B.Ed can also apply as an an education consultant with various schools and colleges.

8. Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia – Logistics Executives

If you are enthusiastic about logistics, trade, supply chain, and dispatches, then this is the right profession for you. Logistic handling is an operational activity that requires one to keep track of deliveries, stock, and orders.

Since Malaysia has an active trading channel, logistics is one area where one can thrive assiduously. A logistics professional qualifies to get a salary between RM 2,000 to 3,500 and more. Again, like any other profession, logistics require a lot of data and coordination between various parties and has never been an easy task.

Educational Qualifications: Fresh graduates with a degree in management, supply chain and commerce can apply for this profession. MBA candidates are also eligible to apply for logistics professionals.

9. Hotel Management and Hospitality

This is one such industry where a fresh graduate will never run out of a job. Over the years, Malaysia has been a hub not only for business meetings but has also become a popular tourist destination.

The country is currently witnessing a rise in the demand curve for tourism which has ultimately resulted in the increase of hotel projects in the market. Hotel management is considered as one of the top jobs in Malaysia.

In order to excel in this industry, one must possess good communication skills, soft skills and administrative skills. If you join this industry as a junior executive, you are bound to get a salary of RM 2,000 to 4,500.

Educational qualifications: a degree in Hotel Management is a must to pursue a career in this field. You can also opt to work as a hotel management executive if you have PG Diploma in hotel management and tourism.

10. Human Resources

Lastly, one of the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in Malaysia 2019 is human resources. Like other managerial functions, human resources can never be neglected. Almost every company, big and small, has human resource professionals who look after employee welfare, salary, and their grievances.

Being a human resource executive, you will be responsible to conduct interviews with eligible candidates, evaluate their interview, recruit new employees, maintain employees’ salary, health and medical insurance, provide training to new employees and many more other HR related activities.

As a human resources professional, you will get a remuneration of around RM 3,500 to 5,000. This salary slab varies from company to company.

Educational Qualifications:

Anybody who has a degree in Human Resources, MA in Industrial Psychology and commerce graduates can qualify for being human resource professionals.

Student life in Malaysia is fun-filled, thrilling and adventurous. Many colleges and universities, in fact, encourage students to take up jobs after class hours to get first-hand information and exposure to the industry. Listed above are just some jobs that will give you good exposure to the Malaysia industry. Besides, some of these jobs are in high demand in Malaysia.

Furthermore, you have the complete freedom to choose job profiles that fit your qualification and preferences. Not only that, as career advisors, we suggest that you select a job role that you can foresee in building your technical skills and knowledge, and more importantly, a job that will keep you for long in the profession. also known as Malaysian Universities information center (MUIC) was set up with the sole intention of providing valuable information to those students and aspirants who want to pursue their higher education in Malaysia. We are one of the leading and specialized teams who have been associated with assisting students from across the world to move to Malaysia for higher education for more than a decade now. We have, till now, successfully sent around 5000 students (including medical students) to Malaysia, most of who are now successfully placed in different professional careers.